Important notice for our high stream listeners.

After nine years on the same server this is now going to be shutdown on Sunday 15th March. To continue to listen to Flower Power Radio you may need to re-tune your internet radio / listening device to our new server.

To see the new change, please force a stations list update by unplugging the radio, plugging it back in again and selecting ‘stations’ or ‘internet radio’ when the main menu appears.
Also, if you were using any button presets to this station, please re-make them as they will still be associated with the old link.

Note: As some models of radio remember the last-played URL, it is best to play any other working station prior to doing this update.

You may wish to put the new URL in manually. The new URL is

Music for the Flower Power generation

Flower Power Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day to planet Earth, bringing you the music that shaped our world. Hits from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s; chart hits from music’s golden age, you’ll find them all here on Flower Power Radio. From Rock ‘n’ Roll legends like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent, the 1950’s come alive on FLOWER POWER RADIO. The Swinging 1960’s live on through the music of the decade; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Motown, Psychedelia, pop… the music that shaped a generation! The funk, disco and rock of the 1970’s sound better than ever here on Flower Power Radio; David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Roxy Music; the music of your life is right here. From Funk to Punk, Rock to Soul, Dance to Disco, Flower Power Radio is all you need to get you through your day. So welcome to Flower Power Radio, the grooviest, hippest and most happening streaming music station on the good ol’ www.




Amsterdam Webcam

Live webcam from the grooviest city on earth, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dallas Webcam

Live webcam from 'The Sniper's Perch' at the corner of Elm and Houston streets, Dallas, Tx.

Abbey Road Webcam

Abbey Road webcam, London, UK. Live feed from the pedestrian crossing immortalised by The Beatles, right outside the Abbey Road recording studios.

Tune in, turn on, drop out

Lots of ways to tune in to Flower Power Radio

Use the built in player on this website or choose one of the popular media players below. We will soon have mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows too!

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High quality Winamp stream for fast internet connections

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Low Winamp stream for slow internet connections

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Low stream for slow internet connections

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